Our Story

Baci Bags started with a group of friends who were inspired by the busy lifestyle of the modern world.

We decided to come up with the perfect backpack that would suit all our needs. An all-in-one bag.
Three of us were photographers who travel a lot and carry equipment all day. We realized how much of a hassle it was to carry different bags for different purposes.We wanted a bag that would be able to carry all our equipment an travel essentials in one easy to carry bag.
Two of us are students who wanted something that could hold their school stuff and their laptop securely. Something to help them organize their stuff but not forgetting the style.
Some of us were going on short business trips and wanted a bag that would be able to carry all the travel essentials needed for the travel while having a space for files and paperwork.

We did lots of extensive research to find the perfect bag, chose the sturdiest water-resistant material for the lining for added protection, and had lots of meetings on what it should look like.
It was supposed to be just us, friends, that would get to enjoy the bag. But then, we started to introduce it to our families and friends and they LOVED it!
Our little community, who had and loved the bag, grew. We then decided to create a platform to share our most beloved bags. Thus, Baci Bags was born.